September 19, 2010

Thoughts on PLENK2010 Week 1

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In Friday’s Elluminate session, George (or was it Dave?) said that creation is a critical component of the learning process. I’m not a natural note-taker, preferring to let ideas swim around in my head. So blogging does not come naturally either. I’m willing to give it a shot though, and see how it improves my learning through the course.

I have 3 frames of reference as I complete the course.

  1. The first, and most selfish, is to improve my own knowledge relative to the subject and MOOCs in general.
  2. The second, related, is to determine how to apply the concepts and models in my work.
  3. The third, and most personal, is to determine the current or future benefits to the educations of my children. They’re too young to be digitally connected now, though the day is coming quickly.

The swimming thoughts this week have to do with the PLE/N differences. In the first frame of reference, the difference seems important. I hope to add clarity in the next week or so. In the second frame of reference, and maybe the third, I’m not sure it matters so much. The ideas that learning occurs socially through networks seems important; whether that is an “E” or “N” seems less critical, at least at this point.

I’m enjoying the live sessions. In addition to the content, I’ve enjoyed thinking about the idea of curation. I will admit to being intimidated by the amount of content. Curation would help, and I recognize that I may need to do that for myself. I’ve also keyed on the term “negotiated knowledge” and hope to explore this more as the course progresses. I come from an environment of very prescriptive learning, with content that is highly regulated and approved. That second frame of reference makes me quite interested in knowledge that is negotiated and not pre-approved.

I look forward to the next week, and will endeavor to post again, and spend more time in the discussion forums.


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  1. Barbara Smith said,

    I applaud your efforts to look at this experience as it relates to your work and as it relates to what your children will face as they move through their education. Their learning experiences from kindergarten to college will, I’m sure, be quite different from what you and I experienced in our schooling.

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