October 21, 2010

PLENK2020 Week 5: Evaluation

Posted in PLENK2010 at 2:24 pm by kristibroom

I am behind and catching up. Also, for the record, I tried to follow the suggestion of using a new technology. I recorded a video, got over the need for perfection, but became timid when I realized I would be posting to the web and be searchable. It’s that eXtended Web from week 3 that made me nervous. So, maybe next time.

Evaluating learning in PLEs. I am intrigued by the question at the beginning of week 5: “how do we measure what matters…and, to whom does what we measure matter?” And, as has been suggested, I think the question applies to a larger world than PLEs. While I enjoy reviewing data, and think it a necessary part of our sense-making, I struggle with the can we/should we question. Can we determine appropriate measures, and then record data? Yes, of course. Should we spend the time doing so? It depends.

If the purpose of my PLE/N is to provide the resources for my personal learning, can anyone besides me measure its value? As my contributions to my network further the field and benefit the learning of others, yes, value can be assessed. But I struggle to think that measures identified by someone else can evaluate my personal learning.

As with most of the topics in PLENK, I’m not sure I have a clear answer. I am, however, still eager to explore and learn, so maybe that is success.


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