January 19, 2011


Posted in CCK11, PLENK2010 at 7:16 pm by kristibroom

CCK11 kicked off this week. I’m excited to start another 12 weeks of intense learning, interaction, confusion and connections.

Although I registered for CCK11 a couple weeks ago, it was only yesterday that I finally decided to really join. This is my third MOOC, and while I love learning about this cutting-edge format for learning, I know that I need to commit myself to it in order to get anything out of it.

My first MOOC was CCK09, and though I read most of the readings, I did not fully participate in the forums, nor in creating my own work. In PLENK2010, I set out to more actively participate, and this blog was born. I found that by setting personal goals for PLENK2010 (which, by the way, I did reach), I was more committed to the outcome.

I’ve set goals for CCK11 as well. They don’t differ drastically from PLENK2010, but I hope they will help me stay focused on what I hope to achieve through these 12 weeks.

  1. Explore at least 2 new technologies. I’ve already got a few on my list. By the end of the course, I’d like to have a working knowledge of what they can do for my learning.
  2. More consistently post to this blog. I know this is too loose for measurement, but I hesitate to set a target of posts/timeframe (I did that for PLENK, and posted exactly 1 time per week). I’m hoping to get comfortable enough to post as often as I have something to say.
  3. Enable a deeper understanding of Connectivism, and how I can apply it to my own learning and those whose learning I help enable.
  4. Engage with at least 5 CCK11 participants. This may seem like a small number, given the large number of participants. But, by engagement, I mean conversations and connections that will occur inside and outside the course. So 5 seems reasonable.
  5. Stay focused on these goals, and filter out the content that doesn’t help me reach them. It’s not that there couldn’t be nuggets in the rest of the content. But, for me to be successful, I need to target a portion of what is produced.

I’m looking forward to the journey. If you have goals that you would like to share, I’d love to hear them.



  1. […] 5 CCK11 participants.”  In the spirit of sharing I am going to share this goal with her.   Kristibroom….whats […]

    • kristibroom said,

      Hi Clint – thanks for the comment.

      Your post really resonates with me. I’m struggling with all of the competing priorities of life as well, and with how to make the most of this experience. It looks like you have a good strategy in place to get you through 2 MOOCs. I am interested to see how the two compare, if you are willing to share those learnings.

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