January 20, 2011

Strategies for Success

Posted in CCK11 at 4:27 pm by kristibroom

Yesterday, I shared my goals for CCK11. I’ve got one to add:

6. Stay ahead of the readings! Last year, I spent the week (and weekends) playing catch up with the readings, which deprived me of rich understanding of the sessions, and the discussions. I don’t remember if previous courses had the readings published in advance, but I greatly appreciate that this one does!

I really appreciate George and Stephen sharing with us the strategies for success. The model that resonated with me was Create, Interact, Track.

  • Create: content for myself to use as reflections, and for others to keep me on track, to challenge what I’m saying, and to learn as well.
  • Interact: with others who have different and similar points of view.
  • Track: how things are going based on comments, interactions, etc.

Best of all, the slide gave me a few ideas on technologies to try to meet that goal.

Tracy Parish said “what I’m learning about is how I’m learning about it.” That really resonates with me, and concisely states what my ultimate goal is in participating in CCK11.

One other random point of resonance: Stephen’s explanation of knowledge using the “Where’s Waldo” example was perfect. I get it! And, I’m looking forward to learning more about how knowledge is distributed through the network.


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  1. Hi Kristi,

    Create, interact, track. That’s the ticket.

    Regards, Thomas

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